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Alice’s Wedding in Wonderland

In a perfect world all the centre pieces would match exactly, every chair would line up every place setting would be perfectly straight and the flower girl would scatter the petals evenly down the aisle. In Wonderland on the other hand, perfection lies in imperfections which is great considering something always seems to go haywire at a wedding.

The key to a fantastic, whimsical Wonderland wedding is to focus on the tiniest details and constantly surprise your guests. For instance, if they’re looking in the bathroom mirror they should be surprised to find a giant moustache stuck onto it; if they’re scooting their chair closer to the table, they should be surprised to find a little gift tucked under the seat. The element of surprise is the element of success!

  • Create contrasts: Combine tiny bottles of champagne with oversized cupcakes, soft pastels with brights, serve cocktails in tea cups and just break all the rules!
  • Turn the seating plan into a fun and time consuming game by giving each guest a key. The trick is to then find the corresponding lock hanging on the back of one of the chairs.
  • Lay out the tables in Mad Hatter tea party style with mismatched cups, macaroons piled high and old books
  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of space. If you can get carnival distortion mirrors, even better!
  • Decorate cupcakes and treats with little “Eat Me” signs mounted on tooth picks, and hang “Drink Me” signs around the neck of each wine bottle or glass stem.
  • Use old clocks as table decorations and turn the hands to indicate the table numbers.
  • To keep things interesting, have your male guests move two seats to the left and ladies two seats to the right after each course – just like at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. This way everyone gets to mingle and guests are kept on their toes.
  • Arrange white roses in a vase along with one or two reds to create the illusion that they’ve been painted red.
  • Have each guest’s name printed on the tag of a tea bag or on a card attached to an old key to be used as place setting.
  • A photo booth is an absolute must! Be sure to set out an old trunk filled with an assortment of quirky hats, scarves, glasses and attire for guests to get crazy with.
  • Fill large vases with jelly beans, macaroons or lollipops and place it in and around the venue as eye-catching and edible decoration.

 Credit: Alice in Wedding Land

 Credit: Olivia Brabbs Blog, Your Wedding Support Blog

 Credit: Oliva Braggs Blog, Your Wedding Support Blog

 Credit: Oliva Braggs Blog

 Credit: Wedding Chicks

 Credit: Candace Ashley Blogg

 Credit: Wedding Chicks

 Credit: Oliva Braggs Blog

Credit: Oliva Braggs Blogg

For more ideas on a Alice’s Wedding in Wonderland Theme or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Alice’s Wedding in Wonderland Theme Pinterest Board!

Main Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

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