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Speciality Stations { Fun & Creative }

DIY Champagne Cocktail station via The Bride Suite

As an engaged couple or wedding planner, you likely want your wedding to be unique and special. It can feel like it’s all been seen and done before. Still, no matter what your budget, preferences and resources are, you are able to create a unique day for your friends and family to enjoy.

Ice-cream Parlour via Eat.Drink.Chic

A fairly new trend is to have a speciality station at the reception. This means that you can have a special feature amidst otherwise conventional décor and theme colours without having to fork out a lot of money.

Coffee Bar via Shannon Leahy

These stations will create a central attraction for your guests. They can either be related to the rest of your décor (e.g. a cigar station to complement a jazz bar-themed wedding), or can actually be the only feature in a very simple wedding. This is a great way to save money.

Grilled Cheese station via A Low Country Wedding

Cupcake station via A Good Affair

Here are some ideas for your specialty station:

  • A coffee bar
  • A cigar bar (whether stationary or mobile, with staff moving around through your guests and offering them great quality cigars)
  • A cocktail bar
  • A candy buffet
  • A stall selling different flavours of candyfloss or fudge
  • A cheese and wine stall
  • A chocolatier
  • A milkshake bar

Popcorn station via Pinterest

Obviously, your choice of station depends very much on the profile of your guests. You would not choose to have a cigar bar for a group of people that don’t smoke, for example. So, keep the identity and preferences of your friends and family in mind before choosing your speciality station.

French Fries station via The Bride’s Cafe

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