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Lady in Red And Pink

Just a season or two ago, every lady, damsel and madame would’ve been quick to tell you that “pink and red just don’t go, darling”. But times have changed and today closely sister colours such as blue and purple, green and blue, and red and pink are the ingredients for something truly magical.

Commonly known as the colours of love, it’s no surprise that pink and red has become a popular colour scheme for weddings and with such a vast selection of available flower choices, you won’t be limited in terms of ideas. Hearts should most definitely feature somewhere, whether it be in your décor, bridal accessories or stationery. To keep your reception from looking like a Valentine’s Day sale, choose a combination of hearts including wire, wooden and perspex hearts in neutral colours.

With so many lovely shades lying between pink and red on the colour spectrum, you can either choose to keep it simple with a combination of simple ruby red and a single shade of pink, or opt for a more multidimensional and layered colour scheme using varrying shades of pink. Should the latter be your theme of choice, it’s important to keep the elements simple, for example candle holders of the same shape and size and an all-rose floral arrangement, so as not to create visual mayhem.

Coloured wedding dresses were a favourite on the catwalk at the recent New York bridal week, so if you’re daring at heart, why not opt for a light pink wedding gown? More so, mat red is an increasingly popular colour for bridesmaid dresses this season, so dress your ladies in luscious red creations with a touch of pink.

Pink and red are simply the perfect colours for a striking and bold candy or dessert table, and you’re really spoiled for choice – candy floss, jelly beans, pink milkshakes with strawberry garnish and toffee apples are simply a must. Alternatively for a plated dessert, serve pink meringue nests with juicy red berries and cream, or a slice of red velvet cake with light pink frosting.

For more ideas on a Lady in Pink and Red Theme or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Lady in Pink and Red Theme Pinterest Board!


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