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Purple And Turquoise: Bold & Bright

While located on the same side of the colour wheel, purple and turqoise are quite a striking ensemble especially when combined with crisp white or rich cream. While both colour can also stand on their own, we’re rather intrigued with the combination as it can work well for both fun and quirky day wedding and stylish evening affair. Here are some colourful ideas to get your mind going:

  • We can’t think of a better colour scheme for a beach wedding, so consider hosting your ceremony and reception by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the ocean.
  • Peacock feathers are really the perfect embodiments of the colour scheme and are lovely when used in stationery design, jewellery and fascinators.
  • These lovely colourful feathers also make the ideal themed confetti.
  • A white dress with purple or turquoise accents, such as a waistband, petticoat or corset ribbon, can be incredibly eye-catching.
  • The groom and grooms men will love you for this colour scheme, and more so when adorned with boutonnières, bow ties or braces in the said colours.
  • Hydrangeas are simply lovely and easy to come by, so arrange plenty of blue and purple ones in big vases around your venue.
  • Other popular purple flowers include Tulips, Freesias, Roses, Violets and Orchids. Feel free to add turquoise feathers, ribbon and cosmos.
  • Adorn the tables with blue glasses, vases and tumblers – very fashionable and practical.
  • Have some fun with a turqoise and purple candy table, and be sure to include a little something to turn your guests’ mouths bright blue if you’re the quirky type.
  • Dress half your bridesmaids in turquoise with purple accents and the others in purple with turquoise accents.

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