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Pink and Grey Weddings { Soft + Cheerful }

Lovely, lovely, oh-so lovely! Pink and grey is a combination that either puts you off entirely or steals your heart in one clean sweep – in our case, it’s definitely the latter. Whether you opt for soft dusty pink or electric cerise, and combine it with a subdued dove grey or deep charcoal, the two colours truly complement one another in a unique and magical way.

Grey bridesmaids dresses have become somewhat coveted in the wedding industry, and look simply stunning when combined with soft pink shoes, sashes and bouquets. Even more intriguing is the thought of a lightly tinted wedding dress in grey or pink – definitely worth considering if you’ve got a daring bone or two in your body.

Whether men are in favour of this colour scheme is somewhat of a, well, grey area, as it really depends on your pink to grey ratio and your man’s personality. If he’s not the type to don a pink shirt or bright socks, rather opt for a timeless grey suit with a small pink boutonnière. Before settling on this colour scheme, be sure to check with hubby-to-be to ensure that he’s comfortable with it. You can also run some of these ideas past him:

  • Serve pink and playful desserts like candyfloss, milkshakes and coconut ice.
  • Decorate the venue with pink and grey balloons, and also replace your confetti with helium balloons.
  • Assemble a pink and white dessert table and add touches of grey in the form of paper cups, wire cake stands, bunting and ribbon.
  • There’s really no shortage of light pink flower choices – roses, tulips, gerberas, hydrangeas, lilies, carnations, gladiolas, peonies, you name it!
  • Add touches of grey to your flower creations by using leaves and twigs with a silver-grey undertone or succulents such as desert roses.
  • To add a rustic touch to the day, incorporate grey wire elements into the décor. These can include anything from mesh wire hearts to wire candle holders and bird cages.



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